August 3, 2022
Google app Read Later

Google App might Score Read Later, Direct Reply Notifications, and More

A recent look inside the code reveals a new Google app Read Later option, along with Direct Reply notifications, and more possibilities…

An APK teardown of the next release of the Google app doesn’t uncover much. There aren’t a lot of huge changes or additions. However, there are a few signs of possible new features.

Google App Read Later Feature Direct Reply and more Found in Version 8.3

It looks like a new Read Later tool will work its way into the app. Although, Google might change that at some point before wide, stable release. The tool seems like its more about offline access than bookmarking. 

<string name="recently_clear_data_read_later_articles">Read later articles (%d articles)</string>
<string name="recently_clear_data_read_later_articles_subtext">Clears all read later articles\nEstimated size: %s</string>

<string name="recently_clear_data_recently_visited_pages">Recently visited pages (%d pages)</string>
<string name="recently_clear_data_recently_visited_pages_subtext">Clears all visited pages, not read later articles\nEstimated size: %s</string>

<string name="recently_clear_data_button">Clear data</string>

Another interesting find comes with a string that deal ostensibly with message replies. If developed, it might allow users to reply to messages or skip over them altogether.

<string name="read_notification_edit_message_hint">Messageā€¦</string>
<string name="read_notification_msg_sent_to_with_name">Message sent to: %1$s</string>
<string name="read_notification_reply_btn">REPLY</string>
<string name="read_notification_send_btn">SEND IT</string>
<string name="read_notification_skip_btn">SKIP</string>
<string name="read_notification_cancel_btn">CANCEL IT</string>

As with all these early previews, newly discovered features might or might not make their way to end-users in the final version.