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Google App Recent Tab, Lite Mode, in Testing

Google App Recent tab

An apparent server-side testing phase is currently underway for a Google App Recent tab, lite mode, and offline searches, some mobile users report seeing…

A server-side switch just bifurcated the Google app (formerly Google Now) into Interests and Upcoming. Now, the search giant is apparently conducting a test of more features, including a Recent tab and a Lite mode. Found in the side menu by some users, screen captures reveal sporadic testing.

A New Google Recent Tab for Previous Searches, Lite Mode, and Offline Feature under Testing

When users perform a search within the Google app or widget, there are a few ways to re-access the query. Either by re-entering the exact key phrase, accessing the Google activity dashboard, or tapping the Google icon to launch a consequent search as a separate page. Now, it seems the search engine is exploring another alternative, with a simple shortcut.

Credit: Android Police

The Google app Recent option found in the side menu opens a side-scrolling list of all recent searches, including large thumbnails of the last SERP or search engine results page. Users seeing the feature can swipe through any of these results or tap the thumbnail to re-conduct the search.

Testing for an offline search feature continues from its start a few months ago. Appearing in the side menu is a “Manage searches” option, allowing users to view pending queries not yet completed due to poor or no internet connectivity. Yet another option, Lite mode, is likewise in testing, stripping out superfluous content, optimizing for slow connections.

Last week, a new Google ranking factors study revealed content is gaining more importance while links are losing their importance. Google also just rolled out changes to its app, desktop search interface, and release the latest Chrome version.

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