October 23, 2021
Google App screenshot sharing editing tools

Google App makes it Easy to Capture, Edit, and Share Screenshots

New Google App screenshot sharing and editing tools make it a cinch to capture something on the fly through different platforms…

Google started testing a built-in screenshot editor back in April of last year. Since that time, it’s introduced a number of updates to the feature. But, it’s only been available through beta release, not quite ready for prime-time. Now, it appears all the tweaking is over. So, with version 7.21, new Google App screenshot sharing and editing functions will become available to all.

Google App Screenshot Sharing Editing Tools Rolls Out

Well, not exactly just yet. Version 7.21 is in beta at this time but it will soon make its way into wide release. To enable it (inside beta version 7.21) simply open Settings and locate Accounts & privacy. Inside, there is an “Edit and share screenshots” option. Turn it on by sliding the toggle to the left:

Credit: 9to5Google

Once enabled, any screenshot taken in the Google App will trigger a preview. From there, tapping on Edit opens a simple editor suite. There are few options but it does include crop and doodle. The doodle offers seven color choices. And, users can draw, highlight, or even block out specific items in a screenshot. After editing, just tap the check mark and the file goes straight to the device’s screenshots folder.

Credit: 9to5Google

The new Google App screenshot editing and sharing tools work in a few different environments. Support is available in the Google App, including the Feed, Search, and via Chrome Custom Tabs.

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