September 16, 2022
Google App voice search

Google App Removes Voice Search, Switches to Assistant

The Google App voice search feature appears it’s on its way out, being replaced by Google Assistant in future versions…

Google App no longer supports voice search. Well, at least not in the way it did previously. More accurately, the Google app voice search still appears on many devices. But, it’s being replaced with Google Assistant on others. Which signals an upcoming switch away from voice search to Assistant.

Google App Voice Search Switches to Assistant

First reported by Android Police, Assistant triggers on three devices: Pixel 2XL, OnePlus 5T, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8″. And, one tipster sees it on a Galaxy S8. All of which are running beta version 7.26.14. It’s also running on stable version 7.25.17. However, in the latter, it still launches voice search, even with Assistant enabled.

Here’s how it currently (or did look):

Credit: Android Police

And, here’s how the app functions with Assistant replacing voice search:

Credit: Android Police

As mentioned, it’s not yet showing up on all Android devices. But this anecdotal evidence strongly suggests voice search will sometime be replaced by Assistant. Particularly when combined with the fact that other previous tools have transitioned over to Assistant.

The move is likely due to a change to provide a seamless experience from one device to the next. By phasing out voice search in favor of Assistant, it brings consistency to users, regardless of device.

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