August 6, 2022
Google art search

Google Art Search Improved with Interactive Knowledge Panels, Hi-Resolution, and More

Google art search now features interactive Knowledge Panels, with high-resolution images, better Street View experiences, and more features…

There are over 500 million art-related searches queried through Google every month. So, the Google Arts and Culture team worked with the search team to improve user experience or UX. Previously, most art search listings included images, along with Wikipedia links. Now, the Google art search is much better.

Google Art Search Improved with Interactive Knowledge Panels, Hi-Resolution, and More

When users search for art through Google, the results will include high-resolution images, along with interactive Knowledge Panels, improved Street View experiences, and more.

The search engine can now understands user intent for artist and artwork queries. Returned listings include an interactive Knowledge Panel, with information about the artist, related work, and other context. Additionally, the Google Street View tool now provides a better experience for inside museums. The company utilized machine learning to scan the contents of participating museums to identify artwork.

When browsing museums on desktop or mobile, annotations appear next to each piece of artwork. Clicking or tapping on the annotations opens a new pages with more information and high-resolution images for zooming.

These new features are just now rolling out. Watch the video above to see these in action. Google just added a Personal search tab option to its SERP or search engine results page. The company is also currently testing local search highlights in Knowledge Panels.

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