November 3, 2022
Google Assistant automatic parking location saver

Google Assistant Brings Back its Ability to Automatically Remember Users’ Parking Locations

The Google Assistant automatic parking location saver, which previously stored where users left their cars and disappeared, is suddenly back in action…

Google Assistant is a very powerful tool. It can do so much, there’s actually a directory site for user reference. Although, since its debut and its rebranding as Google Now and Google Now on Tap, has both gained and lost features. One particularly helpful tool, which went away sometime ago, is back now — automatic parking location saving.

Google Assistant Automatic Parking Location Saver Reappears

With its return comes at least a couple of differences between it and the similar Maps feature. One such difference is that it shows up as its own card in Google Assistant. Also, it doesn’t require any manual action. 

Yet another difference is the fact it doesn’t save exact locations, according to Android Police. Meaning, it does not appear to make use of Android Auto or Bluetooth for more precise location saving.

Instead, it merely provides an approximation. So, it won’t save the exact parking spot in a garage or on the street. But, it’s definitely useful enough to give users more than a just general idea. (It’s probably accurate to about 30 yards, give or take.)

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