August 3, 2022
Google Assistant National Cheesecake Day

Google Assistant gets Cheesy Celebrating National Cheesecake Day and National Lasagna Day

The Google Assistant National Cheesecake Day celebration kicks off with a pun-filled Keyword blog post, working in National Lasagna Day to boot…

Who doesn’t like a delicious lasagna entrée, followed by a decadent cheesecake dessert? Google Assist just started the party, celebrating this weekend’s upcoming National Cheesecake Day and National Lasagna Day.

Google Assistant Publishes Super Cheesy Post to Celebrate National Cheesecake Day and National Lasagna Day

The post begins with the line, “This is nacho average weekend.” From there, Kara Stockton of the Google Assistant Team, winds through one pun and cliché after another, producing a great piece, laden with cheese and pasta references.

Google Assistant cheesecake lasagna
Credit: Google

It’s a creative way to showcase all Google Assistant can do as a handy mobile app. Google is apparently getting quite bold about its digital assistant abilities, with several sources, including Chrome Unboxed, reporting the “Ok Google,” will likely be removed from Chromebooks in favor of a Google Assistant keyboard shortcut (Search + A).

Google Assistant handles many queries well and it’s improving all the time. Users can often ask a few to several follow-up questions and the high-tech tool goes right along.

For instance, asking the Google Assistant, “Where did cheesecake originate?” Will produce a voice answer, “Cheesecake is believed to have originated in ancient Greece.” Then, following that up with the question, “What types are there?” Will return another voice answer listing different flavors. Ask yet another related question will then produce a third answer. Not that long ago, users had to ask single, specific questions because the technology did not process context.

Devices running Android Nougat and up are compatible Google Assistant. Read this fun-filled, food-loving post on The Keyword here.

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