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Google brings Assistant to More Chromebooks

Google Assistant Chromebook support

Credit: Android Police

Google has announced it is adding Google Assistant support to more Chromebooks, giving more devices access to the technology…

Search giant Google first brought Assistant to the public back in May of 2016. It then added the digital helper to the 2017 Pixelbook, with the Pixel Slate following. Now, the company is adding it to even more Chromebooks.

Google Assistant Chromebook Support Widens

Chromebook owners can now enable Google Assistant with just a few simple steps. Just open the settings, go to Search and Assistant, the select Google Assistant. Of course, it requires the latest release, version 77.

The Google Assistant on Chromebooks works mostly like it does on phones. Users can speak voice commands to create new documents, ask what’s on their calendars, set reminders, and play music.

Alexander Kuscher, Director of Chrome OS Software, wrote on The Keyword blog:

“The latest version of Chrome OS brings the Google Assistant to more Chromebooks. It’s starting to roll out now to more non-managed, consumer devices. The Assistant on Chromebook helps you stay productive, control your smart devices, and have a little fun along the way. To get started, enable the Assistant in your Chromebook’s settings and then try asking or typing some…queries.”

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