April 29, 2021
Google Assistant Continued Conversation

Google Releases “Continued Conversation” for Google Assistant (but It’s not Enabled by Default)

Google Assistant Continued Conversation is live for users to ask follow-up questions without having to repeat “Okay Google” or “Hey Google”…

Smart assistants are supposed to make day-to-day tasks easier. But, the technology isn’t always up to par with users’ expectations. Among the many ways Google is reaching toward that goal is to make conversations more natural. 

Google Assistant Continued Conversation Launches in the United States

Back in May, the search giant announced it would introduce a new feature called “Continued Conversation.” It’s a new way to give users a more seamless interaction with their smart devices without having to use a specific hot word every time. Google states this is one of its top user requests and now, it’s here.

The new Google Assistant Continued Conversation mode allows users to trigger the device by saying “Okay Google” or “Hey Google,” as usual. But now, there’s no need to repeat those phrases to ask additional questions.

For instance, a user can say “Hey Google,” then ask “What’s the weather like today?” Followed by, “How about tomorrow?” and “What about this weekend?” Basically, ask questions, get answers and not have to repeat the hot word between every query. At this time, it’s unknown just how many follow-up questions it can support.

Google states Continued Conversation is now available for Google Home, Google Home Mini, as well as Google Max. (Although, it’s not yet rolling out to Android devices just yet.)

How to Turn On Google Assistant Continued Conversation

To use the Google Assistant Continued Conversation feature, go to Settings > Preferences > Continued Conversations and enable it. To end a Continued Conversation, simply say “Thank you,” “Stop,” or just discontinue the dialogue. 

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