September 15, 2022
Google Assistant Driving Mode Arrives

Google Assistant’s Driving Mode Starts Rolling Out in the US

Google’s Assistant Drive Mode is now available as a preview in the United States, available to a limited group of people through settings…

Last summer, Google debuted a new Driving Mode for Google Assistant at its annual I/O event. Since that time, it’s been spotted intermittently. And now, it is rolling out as a preview to users in the United States — sort of. The latest iteration differs from the mock up that Big G first unveiled more than a year ago. But, it should offer more helpful features that allow people to get things done while staying focused on the road.

Google Assistant Driving Mode Arrives

The new Google Assistant Driving Mode is now accessible through settings. Or, simply by speaking “Hey Google, open Driving Mode.” (In the Assistant settings, it can be accessed by tapping on “Getting around,” and then selecting “Driving mode.” That is, if it’s available.) Once open, Google Maps will appear, along with some of the familiar Android Auto features.

In fact, depending on what version is active, it might look identical to Android Auto, a standalone mobile app that’s tentatively being replaced by the new Google Assistant Driving Mode. Once available, people can not only use it for navigation, but also, to make and receive phone calls, send and receive messages, and listen to music. Learn more on this official support page.

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