September 16, 2022
Google Assistant Driving Mode Now Appears on Android

Remember Google’s Promise to Replace Android Auto with an Assistant Drive Mode? Well, it’s Starting to Roll Out (Sort Of)

Google’s Assistant Driving Mode, announced in the summer of last year, is making spotty appearances on some Android mobile devices…

Last summer, Google made it known that it planned to retire its standalone Android Auto app and replace it with Google Assistant Driving Mode. Now, just over a year later, XDA Developers reports that some of its readers have spotted it in the wild. And, it popped up alongside a new navigation interface within Google Maps. But, it’s only showing up sparsely, in various places.

Google Assistant Driving Mode Now Appears on Android

It isn’t clear if this is the beginning of a test or if it’s the start of a complete roll out. Thus far, it’s appeared on three Android-powered mobile devices: a Google Pixel 4, an Asus ZenFone 7 Pro, and an LG Velvet. Also, whether or not it will work as first introduced isn’t known, either. Originally, Google said it would run on any Android phone supporting Assistant, accessible by speaking “Hey Google, let’s drive.” However, if it sports all the capabilities announced, isn’t clear.

What’s more, even people who have seen it on their screens state that the voice prompt doesn’t work. To see if it’s available, just open Google Maps, go to navigation settings, and select “Google Assistant settings.” Google released the following explainer video to show the new experience in-action:

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