September 30, 2022
Google Assistant driving mode

Google will Ditch its Standalone Android Auto App, Replacing it with Assistant Driving Mode

After introducing a new update to its in-car Android Auto system, Google will pull the standalone Android Auto app, in favor of Assistant Driving Mode…

For those who haven’t yet heard, Google has rolled out a new UI or user interface for Android Auto for in-car displays. While that version is an improvement over the previous experience, it’s not all the news about the software.

Google Assistant Driving Mode Replacing Android Auto Standalone App

Google also plans to get rid of its standalone Android Auto app. That’s right, the mobile download won’t be around sometime in the future. Instead, users will rely on Google Assistant to pull off the same functionality.

Although Google hasn’t stated when it will sunset the standalone Android Auto app, it is known Assistant will take over.

Since Assistant is becoming more and more ubiquitous, it makes sense to reduce the number of apps when one can do the job of many. And, because Android Auto is also in more and more vehicles, living inside the infotainment system, there’s less use for a standalone app.

Taking its place is the new Google Assistant driving mode. It’s accessible by saying “Let’s drive.” Google has released a video, showing it in-action:

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