May 27, 2022
Google Assistant Gains an Incognito-Like Guest Mode

Google Finally Gives Google Assistant a Way to Accommodate Guests without Collecting their Data

Google has introduced a neat — and much needed option — to Google Assistant that allows guests to use devices without data collection…

As part of its expansion of its recently refreshed Safety Center, Google has added a new privacy tool to Google Assistant. (At least, in the United States, with worldwide roll out coming soon.) Among the additions is a very interesting feature for Google Assistant — a new Guest mode that works with Google-branded devices. Basically, it works much like Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode.

Google Assistant Gains an Incognito-Like Guest Mode

Now, when someone else wants a question answered, the owner can simply say “Hey Google, turn on guest mode.” Once triggered, Assistant won’t offer personalized responses. Plus, any interactions with the device aren’t saved to the owner’s account. What’s more, the Incognito-like feature will stay on until the owner turns it off. So, it works very similarly to the Chrome browser’s private browsing feature.

Of course, being connected to the internet doesn’t mean that none of the information is retained. Keep in mind, just as with Incognito (or any other privacy mode), the ISP or internet service provider, along with company or school network, does keep all those interactions, regardless of what mode is on on the end-user device. But, as far as Big G is concerned — which usually stores data until users manually delete it or automatically set it to discard after 3, 18, or 36 months — none of that information will be recorded on the primary user’s account.

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