May 26, 2022
Google Assistant Getting Around

Google Completes Roll Out of Google Assistant ‘Getting Around’ Feature

The Google Assistant Getting Around transportation preference option is now fully available to all users, tucked inside the settings via server-side switch…

Last month, Google introduced a new transportation preference tool simply called, “Getting Around.” But, only a limited number of Google Assistant users saw the option. Now, it’s fully rolled out to all users, thanks to a server-side switch.

Google Assistant ‘Getting Around’ Transportation Preference Feature Completes Roll Out

The Google Assistant Getting Around transportation preference feature does precisely what one would imagine. It allows users to set their normal mode of transportation to work and for everyday travel. It includes driving, public transportation, biking, and walking.

To enable it, simply open Google Assistant. Then, tap on the blue envelope icon. From there, tap on the overflow menu (the three vertical dots), in the upper right corner. Tap “Settings,” then “Preferences.”


Next, select “Getting Around.” A new screen will appear with two questions,” How do you get to work most days? And, “How do you usually get around?”


Select two preferences and then close the Google Assistant app or simply navigate back to the home screen.

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