November 5, 2022
Waze and Google Assistant integration

Google Adds Assistant Functionality to Waze in English for the US

Google has finally added some of its essential Assistant abilities to crowdsouring app Waze for Android, intermingling the two more…

Even though Google acquired traffic navigation app Waze about six years ago in 2013, it’s functionalities have largely stayed apart from Google Maps and Google Assistant. But, in July, that began to change, with a cursory integration.

Google Assistant Integration comes to Waze in the United States

Now, Waze users won’t have to physically touch their phone screens as much to utilize the navigation software from now on. Google has more deeply ensconced its Assistant into Waze for Android, allowing people to do more through voice control.

People can now do things such as report traffic congestion or road collisions, or avoid tolls. And, practically all of it without needing to touch their screens.

To use it, simply open the Waze app and look for a dialog box. If said dialog box doesn’t automatically appear, just tap on the microphone icon in the top right. (Alternatively, it’s possible to activate the integration by opening Google Assistant and going into Settings > Voice & Sound.)

It’s currently rolling out to Android and is only available in the United States in English at this point. Google will likely expand its availability in the coming months to other markets and to other languages.

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