January 27, 2022
Google brings interpreter mode to Android and iOS

Google is Starting to Integrate its Translator Tool, Interpreter Mode, into Assistant on iOS and Android

Google is in the midst of bringing its newest translator tool to both Android and iOS, interpreter mode, expanding it beyond smart displays…

Earlier in the year, Google integrated its real-time translation feature, called interpreter mode, with smart displays and speakers supporting Google Assistant. Now, the tech company is expanding support to work on Android and iOS.

Google Assistant Interpreter Mode coming to iOS and Android

The new Google Assistant interpreter mode for Android and iOS allows users to translate languages almost instantaneously. It’s accessible by saying something along the lines of “Hey Google, be my German translator,” or “Hey Google, help me speak Thai.”

Once the command is given, Google Assistant will listen to a conversation and then display a transcript on a phone. Assistant might also offer suggested replies, via its Smart Reply technology, as well.

Bringing it to phones is only sensible given people don’t carry around their smart displays or speakers. Here’s how Google describes the feature on a support page:

You can ask the Google Assistant to translate your conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your language.

The languages you can use to start using interpreter mode depend on your device. After you’ve started interpreter mode, you can ask the Google Assistant to translate between more languages.”

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