October 27, 2021
Google Assistant Lists and Notes web app

There’s a Google Assistant Web App Hiding Out in the Open

A new Google Assistant Lists and Notes web app bridges mobile and desktop devices but its purpose isn’t yet exactly known…

During a tear down of the upcoming Google app, 9to5Google discovered a new Assistant Lists and Notes web app.

Google Assistant Lists and Notes Web App Uncovered

It’s live and comes prior to the release of a new option for a default in Google Assistant. Soon, users can chose which list and note taking app they most prefer. 

Right now, it’s a sparse web application, complete with Google’s Material Theme. There’s just two tabs: Lists and Notes. It also includes a FAB or floating action button, at the bottom. 

At this time, it’s publicly accessible and creating a note or list saves from one signed-in device to another. It’s also quite rudimentary but does function. People can create a note or list and check-off items or delete them. It likewise supports titles.

What’s most curious is there’s no explanation of its existence. It could serve as a default option inside Google Assistant. However, that’s a redundancy, due to the fact there’s already two other Google apps, Keep and Tasks. Perhaps, it’s a way to bring the two together, in one easy-to-access place.

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