June 22, 2022
Google Assistant Siri market share

Google Assistant Market Share Now Matches Apple Siri, Less than 3 Years after Release

The Google Assistant-Siri market share is now at parity, with Alexa coming in second place and Microsoft Cortana in third position…

Although various players try to break into the smart assistant market, few are actually being used (think Samsung’s Bixby). Now, a new report find just how well the top four are performing in the world of digital assistants.

Google Assistant Market Share Now Matches Apple Siri, Less than 3 Years after Release

Google is beginning to really catch up to Amazon’s Alexa smart speakers Google Home and Google Home Hub. But, it’s very important to remember Google Assistant also exists elsewhere, being present on nearly every Android device.

Recently, software giant Microsoft conducted a sizable study on digital voice assistants which demonstrates which ones consumers are most using. 

The poll found Google Assistant and Apple Siri on even ground, both with a market share of 36 percent each. Those two take up the top spots, with the Amazon Alexa product claiming 25 percent. Microsoft’s own Cortana earned just 19 percent, coming in fourth.

Google Assistant made its debut in Google Allo in 2016, three years ago. Then, in 2017, Google expanded its reach to other Android smartphones, followed by speakers, tablets, and some laptops. It’s even making its way into automobiles now.

With such ubiquity, it’s entirely possible for it to take and retain the number one spot on its own.

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