October 3, 2022
Google Assistant Now has the Ability to Locate Lost iPhones

Lost iPhone? No Problem, Google Assistant can Help Find it Now

Google’s smart assistant can now help iPhone owners locate their lost iOS devices, even when set to silent or Do Not Disturb…

Google Assistant is extraordinarily sophisticated and powerful. In fact, it has so many functions, Big G even maintains a dedicated website, detailing it’s hundreds of abilities. However, Assistant has its limitations, and is missing some of its most helpful features outside its own ecosystem, meaning Chrome and Android. But now, Google has given Assistant the ability to locate just about any mobile device, whether it’s Android or iOS.

Google Assistant Now has the Ability to Locate Lost iPhones

For some time now, Android handheld owners could hone-in on misplaced devices by using Chrome or Assistant. Unfortunately, this feature wasn’t available to iPhone owners. Although Apple does provide a similar tool, if a particular consumer is crossing between one platform and another, this option might not be available. So, it’s very beneficial to people that have Google smart speakers or displays, and also use an iPhone as a daily handheld.

Better yet, there’s very little involved to set up the functionality. All iPhone owners have to do is add their mobile number to their Google account, and set up Voice Match, then turn on personalized results. Once these three simple steps are completed, it’s possible to simply say allowed, hey Google find my phone, and the smart assistant will play a tune. What’s more, owners of lost iPhone devices will hear the alert whether or not the handhelds are set to silent or Do Not Disturb.

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