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Google Assistant can Now Read Messages from Third-Party Apps Aloud

Google Assistant reads third-party app messages aloud

Credit: Pixabay

The Google Assistant gains much-needed support to read third-party app messages out loud, including WhatsApp and Telegram…

Google Assistant has long possessed the power to read SMS messages aloud. But, it was confined and could not do the same for third-party apps.

Now, that’s changed as reports state the virtual assistant has gained the ability to do so for apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, and more.

Google Assistant Now Reads Third-Party App Messages

What’s more, not only can Google Assistant read aloud messages from third-party apps, it can also write out dictated replies. (Although, it’s mostly for English, at this time.)

Additionally, it doesn’t appear to work with every third-party app. But, it is a great feature, particularly when people have their hands full and can’t pick-up their phones.

Also, it’s not yet universally available but is expected to go out to all users. In any case, it’s a welcome tool, given it can make day-to-day life a little easier.

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