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Google Assistant Now Supports more than 1,500 Smart Devices from Over 200 Brands

Google Assistant support

Google Assistant support now helps to power over 1,500 smart home devices, made by more than 200 different manufacturers worldwide…

The Google Assistant debuted to a lot of debate. While it certainly outperformed its closest tech competitors, it could only control a handful of devices. But now, about one year later, that limitation is far gone.

Google Assistant Supports over 1,500 Smart Home Devices from 200 Brands

Today, Google Assistant supports helps to run an astonishing 1,500+ smart home devices. And, these are made from a whopping 200+ manufacturers. During the past few months, the number of supported devices has grown incredibly. Thanks to such additions, the Google Assistant can now control a large amount of devices. This is due to the fact that more makers are incorporating Google Assistant functionality.

With ever-increasing ubiquity, Google Assistant is on-track to take the lead in powering a wide swath of smart home devices. The full list is available on the Google Assistant Partners page, located here.

Additionally more device makers and models will use the Google Assistant, in order to release these to the public. That list will grow substantially longer as CES or the International Consumer Electronics Show kicks off next week.

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