December 9, 2021
Google Assistant personal overview

Google Assistant is Now Displaying a Personalized Overview Page for Some Users

A new Google Assistant personal overview experience, putting helpful chunks of relevant information in a single location…

Google announced this year at its annual I/O conference, a new Assistant experience. But, the company did not provide a date, just a loose timeframe of sometime “this summer.” However, it appears the changes are now appearing, at least for a small group of users, according to Android Police.

Google Assistant Personal Overview Page Surfacing for Some Users

The new Google Assistant interface includes a blue inbox and gray and white compass icons. Tapping the compass launches the Explore page, something that’s been a staple for quite some time. Meanwhile, tapping the inbox opens a new personal overview page. Although, it’s not yet known Google’s official name for the UI. Here’s a comparison, with the old experience on the left and the new one on the right:

Google Assistant comparison
Credit: Android Police

The new personalized page includes a welcome message, user’s name and location, current weather conditions, as well as some suggested cards. It’s also divided into sections: “COMING UP FOR YOU,” and “KEEP TRACK OF THINGS.” Additionally, there are a number of Explore options, with blue “See more” links:

Google Assistant personal overview screenshot
Credit: Android Police

Google previously said this is where task apps would also appear, including Keep, Todoist, along with While quite useful, this certainly isn’t the only time Google put all personal information in one place. It’s done this before, only to relocate it time and again.

As with all new experiences Google, there’s no guarantee this will make it to wide release but it might just roll out to all users.

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