April 8, 2021
Google Assistant Purchases page

The Google Assistant App just Got a Dedicated Purchases Page

A new, dedicated Google Assistant Purchases page is now available right inside the settings menu on the native mobile app…

The Google Assistant continues to add new features. Today, it’s now displaying a new Purchases page, right within the settings. Presumably, this will show previous purchases through the app, as it appears blank at this time.

Google Assistant Purchases Page Rolling Out

This isn’t exactly a surprise. The folks over at Android Police spotted it a few weeks ago in a beta version. Perhaps, this is directly related to the new Google Shopping Actions program, which is about to debut. Shopping Actions is a new initiative which allows people to purchase products found in image search. It comes as a result of people finding products through Google image search, only to buy the items from Amazon or other retailers.

Google Assistant Purchases page screenshot

To see it on a mobile device, simply open Google Assistant, tap on the blue and white Explore icon, tap More (the three vertical dots), then tap Settings. It appears below Routines and Shopping list, right above Shortcuts.

It appears the Google Assistant Purchases page is currently undergoing a wide roll out.