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Google Assistant can Now Identify Cat and Dog Breeds from Photos

Google Assistant recognizes cat and dog breeds

Google Assistant recognizes cat and dog breeds now, with Google Lens, which is now integrated into Google Photos to identify objects…

Google Lens, the AI powered technology, which appears in the Google Assistant and Google Photos, is getting smarter day-by-day. Now, the tool can even identify dog and cat breeds, based on pictures of the four-legged creatures. 

Google Assistant Recognizes Cat and Dog Breeds Now

It works by snapping a photo of a cat or dog, then applying Google Lens to the subject area. (The Google Lens button resides in the bottom right corner.) Lens works its magic and produces a description of breed from that digital capture. (That is, if it can find a match.) Here’s a example in a GIF showing off the feature:

Credit: Google / Search Engine Journal


If Lens can’t match the breed, it displays a carousel with possible matches of similar breeds. Back in October of last year, Google Photos introduced a filter to help find pet pictures.  

At this time, the option isn’t available to everyone. It appears that it’s rolling out gradually.

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