January 12, 2022
Google Assistant redesign

Google gives Assistant a New Look and Some New Features — for the Pixel 4, for Now, at Least

Google has given its Assistant a refresh for the launch of the Pixel 4, which includes a different UI and new user features…

Google has overhauled Assistant, providing it with a fresh look for the release of the Pixel 4 phone. And, it’s not just about the new look, it also includes new functions, as well.

Google Assistant Redesign Debuts on the Pixel 4 Phone

The new Google Assistant is designed to play a larger role in users’ day-to-day lives. It includes better understanding of context for information and expanded actions. 

One such option is the ability to set activity time limits through Google Assistant. Plus, users can likewise delete data with their voices. 

It will also work faster, too. Google condensed Assistant’s algorithms in order to run it locally on the device itself, rather than the cloud. This eliminates network latency and hence, speeds up its functionality.

Yet another improvement is the ability to share what’s on the Pixel 4’s screen. For instance, device owners can ask Assistant to display “my photos from the White Mountains.” Then, “the pictures from the Flume Gorge.” Simply decide on the best one and say “send it to Mom.”

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