June 20, 2021
Google Assistant redesign

Google Assistant Redesign makes It More Attractive to the Eyes and Easier on the Fingers

The new Google Assistant redesign will increase image size and bring new interactive elements, lessening the need for typing…

Although Google Assistant can usually handle all sorts of voice commands, most people probably still rely on their fingers to navigate through it. In fact, the tech company found almost half of Assistant interactions use both voice and touch. So, it made some key changes to bring users more visuals and expanded voice controls.

Google Assistant Redesign includes Larger Images and New Interactive Elements

Even though Google Assistant clearly outperforms any of its voice competitors, the tech giant clearly understands visuals are indispensable. That’s why the new Google Assistant redesign boasts new controls, including sliders and more. Sometimes, it’s just simpler to use such controls rather than speak out commands. These can easily be used to dim lights or change the volume on a linked device:

Credit: Google

Also, it’s now possible to tweak and personalize any voice inputted text while composing before sending. Additionally, developers can also customize what end-users see within Assistant. Starbucks, FitStar, and the Food Network are already utilizing Google Assistant to deliver what matters most to their customer base.

Another helpful addition is the swipe up on Android to see an overview of any given day. With these new tools, Google Assistant is positioning itself to work as the go-to app for all kinds of tasks, instead of jumping from one app to another.

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