January 26, 2022
Google Assistant redesign test

Google Assistant Redesign Test Spotted on Android Q

Google is apparently testing a new design for Google Assistant on Android Q, featuring a light bar and a blue colored background…

There’s no question Google Assistant plays a big role in the search giant’s future. It’s finding its way into a number of places, including phones, smart speakers, and smart displays. 

Google Assistant Redesign Test Spotted on Android Q

With the coming release of Android Q, it appears Google is running an A/B test, giving some users a sneak peak of a new redesign. Users seeing the experiment took to Reddit to share what they’re experiencing.

The test seems to run on version of the Google app on the Android Q platform.

The makeover looks much different from the current version. Instead of the stark white background, there’s a blue overlay.

The bottom is darker and shaded, displaying the phrase, “Hi, I’m listening.” It also contains icons for the keyboard, along with updates. And, it includes a light bar, which first appeared on the original Chromebook Pixel.

Of course, since this is a test, Google might or might not choose to roll it out widely. The experiment could end at any time and Google could opt to return to the familiar interface. Or, the company might introduce other tweaks before it becomes publicly available.

Credit: 9to5Google

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