November 2, 2022
Google Assistant reminder notifications unbundled

Google Begins to Unbundle its Assistant Reminder Notifications, Offering Improved Functionality

Google has apparently unbundled its reminder notifications in Google Assistant, helping to make it more practical for everyday use…

Although Google Assistant offers nearly countless functions, some of its delivery leaves a lot to be desired.

One such point can easily be made for how it handles reminder notifications. Until now, multiple reminder notifications were lumped together. Meaning there wasn’t a way to take individual action. But, that appears like it’s changing.

Google Assistant Reminder Notifications Unbundled

It seems Google has separated its Assistant reminder notifications, making them easier to dismiss or change one-by-one. For instance, it’s now possible to snooze a single Assistant reminder notification. Or, leave it in the tray for later on in the day or whenever.

With the new interface, users are taken to a revamped section, complete with check-boxes and more. Although, edits can’t be performed on completed reminders but it does provide more granular control of upcoming tasks and events.

It’s not clear when Google made the changes or even if it’s just a limited test. It could be the result of a server-side switch or just an update in the app itself.

However, it does seem confined to the latest beta version. Which means it could or might not make it out to wide, stable release.

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