November 3, 2022
Google Assistant Replacing Legacy Voice Input on Chrome for Android

Google Assistant is Set to Take Over Voice Search on Chrome for Android

Google is swapping out its legacy voice input technology on Chrome for Android, replacing it with Google Assistant in the near future…

Slowly but surely, Google is phasing out its legacy voice recognition technology. It will ultimately be replaced by Assistant. Now, Chrome for Android is the latest to benefit from the transition. A lingering, long-available flag has been enabled, making it functional for the first time to the public. Once toggled on, it allows Android owners to switch from the old voice search interface in favor of Assistant’s more snazzy look.

Google Assistant Replacing Legacy Voice Input on Chrome for Android

The flag first appeared back in January. But, after turning it on, nothing happened. It’s possible some server-side dependencies are now active, giving it life now. Regardless, it’s accessible by opening Chrome on Android and pasting chrome://flags/#omnibox-assistant-voice-search in the URL bar. Then, switch on Omnibox Assistant Voice Search and restart the browser. Once active, it works on the New Tab page.

However, it doesn’t work on, although it is fully functional in the address bar and on the New Tab page. The new interface can even be toggled on phones that do not have the new Google Assistant. But, it won’t include the newly redesigned glowing Google color bar.

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