January 18, 2022
Google Assistant Routines Testing Sunrise, Sunset Triggers

Google is Now Experimenting with Assistant Routines that are Triggered by Sunrise and Sunset

Google is working to develop Assistant Routines that run on sunrise or sunset, to help people automatically start and end their days…

Assistant Routines give people the ability to automatically enjoy certain behaviors from their smart home devices. For instance, it’s possible to program Google Assistant with a bedtime Routine that will automatically dim (or turn off the lights), shut of the television, lock the front door, and play ambient music in the background. Of course, Google Assistant Routines have some limitations. But, the company has been busy expanding their capabilities, and now, it testing Routines that execute at sunrise and sunset.

Google Assistant Routines Testing Sunrise, Sunset Triggers

The new Google Assistant Routines for sunrise and sunset are just beginning to roll out — so not everyone will see the options right away. However, once available, people can set one or more Routines to coincide with sunrise and/or sunset. Simply go into Google Assistant setting, then, create a routine to run with the sunrise or the sunset.

After the routine(s) are set up, Assistant will execute that/those routines when the sun rises or when it sets, automatically. This is a great way to avoid having to change routines based on natural events, rather than times, which change twice a year in locations observing Daylight Saving Time.


Google Assistant sunrise and sunset routines
Credit: 9to5Google

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