January 12, 2022
Google Assistant scheduled actions

Google is Finally about to Let Users to Schedule Future Actions through Google Assistant

Google is adding a few new features to its products, among them is scheduling future actions through the Google Assistant app or smart speakers…

At CES 2020, Google has unveiled a few new tricks it is bringing to Google Assistant. Among them is the ability to schedule future actions, rather than having to set-up entire, repeat routines.

Google Assistant Scheduled Actions Announced

Google says it’s adding an option to set future actions via Google Assistant. Also, it’s providing new privacy options, along with making voice calls easier to place.

Perhaps the most useful of the coming features is Google Assistant scheduled actions. For those unfamiliar, it’s already possible to set routines through Assistant. For instance, having Assistant turn on house lights at a certain time of day. But, one-off tasks are conspicuously absent.

Now, Google is about to give Assistant that very power. The new functionality will allow users to set one-time actions for later. For example, users could say “Hey Google, turn the outside lights at 6PM tomorrow.”

Google is also bringing improvements to smart gadget set-up, too. It will notify users when a new device is set-up. Plus, there’s a bunch of new smart devices being supported, including air conditioners, coffee makers, robot vacuum, and more.

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