November 8, 2022
Google Assistant Services Stocks

Google Assistant Adds “Stocks” to Its Robust List of Services

Google Assistant Services Stocks come to the smart app but it’s limited in its capabilities for now, which should change in the future…

Google Assistant just added user reviews for its apps. Now, the tool is getting another feature: stocks. Albeit a minor change, it’s one which shows Google Assistant’s growth in terms of an information hub for quick commands. The tool was first uncovered in an APK teardown last month. Now, it’s surfacing on a number of devices, though it’s not nearly universal yet.

Google Assistant Services Stocks Feature Rolls Out

The new Google Assistant Services Stocks option is tucked inside the settings. Currently, it resides at the bottom of the list and is only a shortcut to the existing platform within the Google app.

For some time, the Upcoming tab hosted a list of stocks in the Google Feed, which occasionally sends notifications, triggered by price increases or decreases. A tap on the overflow menu allows for some customization under “Customize stocks.”

With the addition, users can more quickly get to time sensitive information through Google Assistant. While it’s functions are presently limited, it’s likely Google will expand its capabilities over time. Here’s some screenshots of it in action:

Google Assistant Services Stocks screenshots
Credit: 9to5Google

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