December 8, 2021
Google Assistant Sleep Timer isn't Turning Off Music for Some Users

Google Assistant’s Sleep Timer Failing to Turn Off Music for Some Users

Google Assistant’s sleep timer option is not turning off music for some users and is also experiencing other problems but it’s apparently not widespread…

There’s literally hundreds of commands Google Assistant can handle. (In fact, there are so many, Google has a website that contains a directory for all of its functions, and it’s quite lengthy.) One of these operations is Google Assistant’s integration with hardware, like smart speakers. So, users can set a sleep timer to play music and automatically turn it off. But, that function isn’t working right now, at least for some users.

Google Assistant Sleep Timer isn’t Turning Off Music for Some Users

Numerous reports on Reddit clearly show there’s a problem with the Google Assistant sleep timer. When users request the application to do something, like turn the music off, it responds with “Sorry, I can’t help with that,” or something similar. 

Not everyone using the Google Assistant sleep timer is experience issues. However, those that are also say there are related problems. Although, it does still seem to work by setting a routine. Or, by requesting music only play for a period of time, like 30 minutes, rather than requesting the music turn off at a specific time.

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