September 18, 2022
Google Assistant stats

Google Expects Assistant Stats to Grow Dramatically and Reach 1 Billion Devices, Even including Feature Phones

Google Assistant stats are projected to include one billion device installs, across smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, as well as feature phones…

With CES 2019 kicking off, Google makes its presence unavoidable with a booth that’s three times the size of last year. It’s also going to release a ton of news, coming in the form of announcements about products and services. 

Google Assistant Stats to Reach One Billion Devices, including Feature Phones

One such milestone is reaching 1 billion devices worldwide through Google Assistant. These include Android phones, iPhones, television, headphones, smart speakers, smart displays, and even feature phones. (By comparison, Amazon states that it’s sold 100 million Alexa-connected devices globally.) However, neither company breaks down the figures. Although, Google Assistant is represented mostly on “the vast majority” of Android phones.

Additionally Google Assistant is now available in 30 languages across some 80 countries. The company says worldwide active users have increased by four times in a year-over-year comparison.

Though these are impressive figures, without delineation, it’s not possible to understand the actual ubiquity. But, Manuel Bronstein, the company’s vice president of Google Assistant said the company is now looking to include feature phones:

“There are large, large numbers of feature phones in the market today — hundreds of millions. … But if you think about writing, reading, and typing on those feature phones, it’s not that simple. And the voice-first interaction is becoming increasingly important in those markets, and we’re beginning to see traction there. We’re going to start talking more about that at Mobile World Congress, but definitely, there’s a massive opportunity for voice interaction and assistive technology in those markets as well.”

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