November 25, 2021
Google Assistant Still Superior to Apple Siri Despite iOS 14 Improvements

Siri Still doesn’t Live Up to Google Assistant’s Prowess, Even with iOS 14 Upgrades

Google Assistant continues to outperform rival Apple Siri, particularly when it comes to two key areas, even after recent iOS improvements…

Since their introduction to the public, virtual assistants have come a long, long way. And, Google has held the top position all that time with Google Assistant. But, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri have all improved — just not enough. In a recent comparison, the folks over at In-Depth Tech Reviews demonstrate just how well Google Assistant and Siri handle certain tasks.

Google Assistant Still Superior to Apple Siri Despite iOS 14 Improvements

With the release of iOS 14, Apple made a number of upgrades and additions. (The latter were almost all copied from Android.) But, even with these more robust features, Siri still manages to lag behind. And, in two very important areas: executing general commands and pulling context from what’s on the screen. In both instances, Assistant wins out.

The contest pits Android 11 on a Pixel 4 against Siri running on iOS 14. Even though Apple did make some improvements that allows Siri to answer more types of questions and for it to pull more information from the internet, it doesn’t match up to Google’s. Assistant remains faster, better able to process requests, and other tasks. Watch the match-up in-action in the video below:

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