November 26, 2020
Google Assistant travel planning

Google Assistant can Now Tell Travelers if Flights are Delayed Proactively

Google Assistant travel planning just got a whole lot more useful, now boasting the ability to send out flight delay notifications…

The Google Assistant continues to improve its prowess when it comes to travel planning. And, the tech giant has announced it is bringing another feature to its digital companion — advanced flight delay notifications. 

Google Assistant Travel Planning Now includes Flight Delay Notifications

The company already does this with its Google Flights service, but soon, this option will come to the Assistant. Users simply have to ask Google Assistant if a flight is on time or inquire as to the status of a flight from a departure to an arrival.

To make this possible, Google uses a combination of machine learning and historical flight data to deliver predictions. The search engine says such predictions boast an 85 percent confidence rate. Additionally, users will also receive reasons for flight delays.

Google Assistant flight delay screenshot
Credit: Google

Back in November, Google announced it would expand Duplex, the AI reservation-making service, to more Pixel owners. (For those unfamiliar, this is a digital assistant which makes phone calls, with a very convincing human voice. In fact, it immediately caused quite a bit of controversy because it sounds so real.)

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