November 2, 2022
Google Assistant turn off speech output option

Google Assistant Silent Response Option Revealed

Google is adding a new feature to its Google Assistant, the option to toggle off voice responses, for times when silence is appropriate…

There’s no question the Google Assistant is very helpful most of the time. But, there are instances when the voice response just isn’t appropriate. Google recognizes this and plans to provide the option to silence Assistant, on-demand.

Google Assistant ‘Turn Off Speech Output’ Option Introduced

The new feature isn’t yet widely available but should roll out slowly. Plus, it doesn’t apply to Google’s smart speakers.

Google added the following to an official support page:

“When you turn off Speech Output, your Google Assistant will show you responses on your phone, but it won’t say them out loud. If you want to stop your Google Assistant from replying with sound, you can change your settings.”

To disable the voice response, simply say “OK Google” or “Hey Google.” Then, tap on the bottom right button. Go into Settings > Assistant. Find “Voice and speech,” then tap on Speech Output.” Select “Hands-free only.”

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