May 1, 2021
Google Assistant unskippable ads

Google Now Forces Assistant Users to Listen to Annoying Ads

Google Assistant unskippable ads are here, much to the chagrin of the average user, as a way to squeeze even more revenue out of its digital helper…

It was only a matter of time. The Google Assistant does an incredible amount things for its users. It’s possible to set reminders, find recipes, get sports scores, find quick facts, and listen to a daily news briefing. Now, if someone does the latter, they’ll hear ads, which cannot be skipped over.

Google Assistant Unskippable Ads Debut

The Google Assistant unskippable ads play during news recaps, a slight change from early experiences. Previously, when listening to a newscast, users could simply hit the 30-second fast forward button and go right past the advert. But, that’s no longer possible. The Google Assistant now plays the ad, graying out the rewind and fast forward buttons.

The pause button is also absent and there’s no way to scroll through the broadcast on the progress bar. (The only workable option is to mute the audio and wait until the ad concludes.)

Google is by no means a stranger to unskippable ads. It’s part of the regular YouTube experience. Users must wait for a predetermined time until the option to skip appears.

The Google Assistant unskippable ads are mid-roll, meaning they play during the middle of the broadcast.

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