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WhatsApp Users can Now Place Video and Voice Calls with Google Assistant

Google Assistant WhatsApp support

People can now ask Google Assistant to place either video or voice calls through WhatsApp, expanding its available communication options…Lead-in…

There are already a bunch of options for messaging and calling through Google Assistant. Now, people can add one more — WhatsApp.

Google Assistant WhatsApp Support Debuts for Video and Voice Calls

The new Google Assistant-WhatsApp support is already live. Just say, “Hey Google, WhatsApp video Mike.” Or say, “Hey Google, WhatsApp call Sharon.” 

Previously, Google Assistant enabled voice calls only worked through traditional network dialers. And, video calls made vis-à-vis Google Assistant had to go through Hangouts or Duo. But now, millions of WhatsApp users can enjoy making calls through their preferred means.

Google has yet to provide details about how the support works with WhatsApp. Although, it’s probably relegated to smartphones, instead of including smart speakers.

There’s also no official word on when the service will be available to everyone. 

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