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Google Bans 151 Dangerous Android Apps for Stealing through a Scam Campaign so Delete them Immediately

Google Bans 151 Fake Android Apps that are Part of UltimaSMS Scam Campaign

Credit: Android Posts

Google has removed 151 dangerous Android apps from the Google Play Store for ripping off consumers for as much as $40 per month…

Google has taken decisive action, barring 151 Android apps for posing as legitimate programs from the Google Play Store. The fakes were part of a scheme known as UltimaSMS, a cybersecurity software company discovered. The bogus apps were disguised as legitimate tools, from photo editors and camera filters to games, and QR code scanners. But, they secretly signed victims up for premium subscriptions.

Google Bans 151 Fake Android Apps that are Part of UltimaSMS Scam Campaign

People who downloaded the apps were tricked into entering their phone numbers and/or email addresses. This, after the fraudulent apps checked the victims’ phone locations, IMEI, country code, and default language. Once the information was captured, prompts appeared, requesting phone numbers and/or email addresses. If entered, the apps would automatically sign victims up for premium SMS services, costing as much as $40 per month.

The fake apps are being advertised on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other platforms. So, their reach is very wide. Fortunately, Google has already banned the offenders, but that won’t stop them from carrying out their nefarious mission if already installed. Here’s a complete list of the fraudulent apps in question.

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