October 1, 2022
Google best torrent sites search carousel

Google ‘Best Torrent Sites’ Search Carousel Quietly Disappears

The controversial Google ‘best torrent sites’ search carousel no longer appears on the search engine results page, and now returns a privacy warning…

Back in February, search engines Google and Bing agreed to join the United Kingdom to fight piracy links in search results. Now, it appears the query ‘best torrent sites’ no longer returns a list of links to those types of websites.

Google ‘Best Torrent Sites’ Search Carousel Discreetly Removed

Previously, searching the terms “torrent sites” or “best torrent sites,” produced a search engine results page carousel, as pictured below:

Google best torrent sites search carousel screenshot
Credit: The Next Web

The search carousel contained links to various pages but also lumped legitimate streaming services, like Hulu and Crackle into the mix, The Next Web reports. At the time, a Google spokesperson said the search results were “generated algorithmically,” and the listings didn’t “reflect what [Google] had in mind for this feature.”

Apparently, the search giant took time to fine-tune its signals to return more relevant results. Also, it’s no longer displaying the infamous torrent site search results carousel, rather, a privacy reminder, along with a stub of unlinked site listings:

Google best torrent sites search privacy reminder screenshot
Credit: The Next Web

Google continues to tinker with its search engine results page. Recently, it introduced an AI-powered job search feature, along with a new menu tab in the local restaurant panel, as well as a new online appointment booking service called, Reserve with Google.

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