June 23, 2022
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Google, Bing to Fight UK Piracy Search Results

In a voluntary agreement with the United Kingdom, Google and Bing are stepping-up the war against piracy search results to protect intellectual property…

Search engines Google and Bing have entered into an agreement with the United Kingdom government to combat copyright infringement. Websites which provide links to unauthorized intellectual property downloads will experience demotion on the SERP or search engine results page.

Google, Bing to Demote UK Piracy Search Results

Initially, the scheduled partnership was to begin on June 1st, but, the initiative is now coming into effect sooner. The UK Telegraph confirms Google and Bing, long-battling the move, are now onboard. “The search engine operators have signed up to a clampdown that will see the UK’s copyright watchdog monitor the search results they provide for unlawful websites,” The Telegraph reports.

For years, record labels and film studios have campaigned for such action. However, both search engines have largely turned a blind eye to piracy links showing in search results. Now, the United Kingdom government will monitor Google and Bing to ensure each search portal is following through with the agreement.

The Intellectual Property Office in the UK will oversee code compliance moving forward over the next few months. The government office might also ask for further action in the future.

Google recently launched an autocomplete suggestion option to report offensive search terms. For several years, the autocomplete suggestion predictions have stirred controversy over politics, race and terrorism. The company has even faced legal troubles over its autocomplete predictions.

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