June 21, 2022

Google Blocks Advertiser as Malware

malwareMountain View, California–Search engine giant Google began blocking certain websites to fend-off potential malware threats, seemingly coming from an internet ad agency in Santa Clara, California. The advertiser, Netseer.com, said that it did suffer a hacking attack but it did not publish any infected ads.

Chrome browser users saw the following warning message when they attempted to access sites like The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and many other sites, “Content from cm.netseer.com, a known malware distributor, has been inserted into this Web page. Visiting this page now is very likely to infect your computer with malware”.

The company became aware of the problem and stated, “This morning at approximately 5:30 a.m. Pacific time, our third-party hosted corporate website was hacked and infected with malware. Consequently, Google added our domain to the list of malware affected website. Our operations team went into all-hands-on-deck mode, and we have successfully cleaned the site of the malware issue,” spokeswoman Kathleen Formidoni said.

Because of the suspected infection, Google automatically blocked not only the company’s site, but any other sites displaying ad-infrastructure routed through Netseer.com.