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Google just Shut Down its Blogging Tool, Blog Compass, after Less than a Year of Operation

Google Blog Compass

Credit: Google

The short-lived Google Blog Compass blog management tool for WordPress and Blogger shuts down, after posting poor results…

Google certainly is no stranger to pushing out new products and services, only to shutter them later on. While most people would immediately think of the Google Plus bust, there have most definitely been many others. Now, another joins the list, Google’s Blog Compass.

Google Blog Compass Blogging Tool Shuts Down after Short Ten-Month Run

For those unfamiliar — which is undoubtedly a large percentage of the worldwide population — the Google Blog Compass mobile service was a blog management tool. It only garnered between 10- and 50,000 downloads from the Google Play Store. And, it was only available in India. 

Users reported issues nearly immediately after initial launch, with some complaining problems with just signing into the app.

It worked directly with WordPress and Blogger, providing information such as live stats, topic suggestions, comment management tools, and much more.

Google explains:

“After several months, we have decided to turn down the Blog Compass app. If you want to continue managing your blog, check out the Blogger or Site Kit by Google for WordPress.”

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