June 23, 2021
Google Books Material Theme redesign

Google Applies Material Theme Redesign to Google Books and Adds more Search Integration

A newly applied Google Books Material Theme redesign goes live on the web, bringing with it deeper integration with search…

Google has long pursued big goals. One such ambition is the company’s most impressive objectives is to scan all the world’s books to make them available online.

Google Books Material Theme Redesign Hits with Improved Search Integration

Now, Google has given its dedicated book site a complete makeover with its Material Design principles. It’s done so, despite copyright issues and other obstacles.

“Fifteen years ago, Google Books set out on an audacious journey to bring the world’s books online so that anyone can access them. Libraries and publishers around the world helped us chase this goal, and together we’ve created a universal collection where people can discover more than 40 million books in over 400 languages.”

Additionally, Google has more closely integrated search with Google Books

“And for those using Google Books for research, each book’s bibliographies are located prominently on the page and the citation tool allows you to cite the source in your preferred format, all in one spot.”

As with the case of previous Material Theme overhauls, this one too, comes with the ability to revert back to the classic interface.

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