January 19, 2022
Google Bulletin

Google is Launching a Hyperlocal Community News Service Called ‘Bulletin’ in Select Cities

Google Bulletin, a new hyperlocal news reporting service initiative from the search giant, is currently in limited testing in two U.S. cities…

Google is gearing up to take on niche sites like Patch. It’s called Bulletin, a hyperlocal news service, with content provided by citizen journalists. Currently, it’s only being piloted in two U.S. cities, Nashville, Tennessee and Oakland, California.

Google Bulletin Hyperlocal Community News Service Launches

The purpose behind Bulletin is to give community residents a way to share information that’s visible through Google search. Basically, it’s very straightforward. Bulletin allows anyone with a smartphone to shoot images and video, write a blog post, and upload the content straight to the web, via a mobile app.

This will likely boost Google News and make it more relevant to people who want information about what’s going on around them. However, there is no information about how content is vetted. Also, there is no information on the official website about how posts are reviewed for accuracy and/or quality.

Blogger Sami Cone, who attended the Bulletin launch event in Nashville, reports users can update their blogs continuously. Plus, participants can also see viewership stats which reveal where readers are coming from.

What remains uncertain is how this will fit into Google’s strategy for grabbing more consumer attention. It’s also interesting how Google plans get people to sign up for the service and continue to use it without any clear incentivization. 

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