November 28, 2021
Google Bulletin shuts down

Google Shutters Bulletin, a Local-Focused News Experiment that Failed to Catch-On with the Public

Google is ending its foray into crowdsourcing local news with its Bulletin platform, sunsetting it after a twenty-one month run…

Back in January of last year, Google launched a local news reporting service called Bulletin. Now, less than two years later, the search giant is shutting it down. 

Google Bulletin Shuts Down, Ending its Hyperlocal News Experiment

Google Bulletin was similar to AOL’s Patch network or Nextdoor. But, the public never really took to it. It served as a crowdsourcing blog-like network, that allowed people to post organic stores and video through an app.

Thus, it’s focus centered around hyperlocal news, with residents in the community able to see the content. (It would also appear in Google search.)

The news comes after the company updated its search algorithms to favor original reporting over reposts.

The Bulletin app will end its accessibility in two weeks time. Anyone who’s shared content can download their posts up until November 22nd.

Google Bulletin shut down announcement letter
Credit: Google / Android Police

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