May 22, 2022
Google Calendar guest invitation decline

Google Calendar Now Depresses Hosts when Invited Guests Decline Invitations

New Google Calendar guest invitation decline notifications are about to arrive, letting hosts know just how many people won’t attend…

A useful but odd update just rolled out to Google Calendar. Whenever a guest declines an invitation, the app will alert the host, offering quick actions, such as “reschedule.”

Google Calendar Guest Invitation Decline Notifications Arrive

The search giant announced the update as part of changes to G Suite earlier this month. Now, it’s working inside the Android app. To make it all-the-more conspicuous, when every invited guest declines, a small exclamation point appear. Tapping on it launches options for available actions:

Google Calendar Everyone Declined
Credit: Google

The Google Calendar app offers three options: Cancel, Reschedule, and Dismiss. Here’s Google’s official explanation of the actions, quoted directly from the G Suite Updates blog:

  • Cancel the meeting: If you’re the event organizer, you’ll be able to delete the event. All other invitees will be able to remove it from their own calendar.
  • Reschedule the meeting: Organizers can reschedule the event, either manually or with “Find a Time.” Guests (or organizers in domains without the “Find a time” feature available) can email other guests to suggest rescheduling.
  • Dismiss an event: Until the event is moved to a new time, users can dismiss seeing the flagged indication for the meeting.

The update is already live for G Suite users and should work with regular accounts, as well. Find it in the Play Store here.

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