September 21, 2021
Google Calendar reaches 1 billion installations

Google Calendar Finally Hits the 1 Billion Install Milestone on the Play Store

Google Calendar for Android might well be one of the most handiest services, but it took until now to reach 1 billion installs…

One quirk of the mobile world is the fact manufacturers and carriers alike can place their own apps on hardware.

Unlike Google Maps and Chrome, some features, such as Calendar, aren’t part of the mandatory GMS or Google Mobile Services. Meaning, OEMs or original equipment manufacturers can install their own calendars, instead.

Because of this, although Google Calendar is one of the oldest and most ubiquitous products, it’s been slow to arrive at some milestones. That is, until today.

Google Calendar Hits 1 Billion Installs from the Play Store

Now Google Calendar for Android has reached 1 billion installs from the Play Store.

It’s a big feat, given OEMs often create proprietary calendars which have just about as many bells and whistles. However, with the native Google Calendar, it’s far easier to keep track of everything because it seamlessly syncs with other Google products.

For instance, Google Calendar resides right inside Gmail. It’s also present in Google Flights, and many other spaces, including G Suite. It also works with Google Assistant, making it a very helpful tool.

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