October 23, 2021
move events between Google Calendars

Google Calendar Now Allows Users to Move Events between Calendars

Google has finally made exporting-importing events on its Calendar app a cinch, something that required many steps before…

One sad fact about the Google Calendar app for Android is that it has largely lagged behind its rivals. Still, Google has managed to make some improvements here and there. For instance, last year, the company added the ability to copy an event and then duplicating it. But, outright moving an event from one calendar to another remained a difficult task. Now, Google is allowing some users to effortlessly move an event from one calendar to another calendar.

Google Calendar Mobile App Event Mover Debuts

Google has apparently flipped a server-side switch, giving some people the power to move events between calendars.

Although it’s already possible to copy and paste an event by tapping on it and then going into the three-dot menu, it’s necessary to go into the editing suite to move it to another calendar.

However, with the new function, the process is a lot easier. It works through a brand new calendar picker, showing active accounts to choose from. Using this tool, it’s simple to transfer an event from one calendar to another without going through the previous hassles.

Since it’s rolling out via a server-side switch, it might not show up right away.

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